BlackBox Forensics

BlackBox Benefits

Sending technicians out to for forensic data collections works well – until you encounter one of the following situations:
  • Data custodians in multiple locations around the country
  • Last-minute collection requests
  • You’re swamped with work, and no one is available to send for data collection
That’s when it pays to Think Inside the Box with BlackBox, a proven solution that radically reduces data collection times, capturing all the data you need while keeping your technicians in your office, performing valuable analysis.

Think Inside the Box

You simply send the custodian a storage device equipped with BlackBox. The custodian plugs the device into their machine, then presses the Start button, and BlackBox automatically captures the data with plug-and-play simplicity.

It’s like the data recorder on a plane or car, collecting everything automatically, comprehensively and securely. Using BlackBox is customizable, cost-effective and defensible. Most important, it can expedite the e-discovery process by days, weeks or even months, depending on the scope of the case.

Here’s what legal professionals need to know about BlackBox.

If you are an e-discovery provider serving the legal industry or law enforcement, and would like to offer BlackBox to your clients, here’s what our partners need to know.

Skeptics Wanted

If you’re like most of us in this profession, you need to try it before you buy it. No problem. Just call 877-501-2269 or email, and we’ll give you a single-use trial version, free. Run your own tests comparing the results from traditional collection with the results using BlackBox. You’ll see how much faster and easier e-discovery can be when you Think Inside the Box.