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Technical Support

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  • How does BlackBox work? Blackbox complete a secure defensible forensic copy of custodian data with the following simple steps:
    • Legal team configures a standard hard drive with BlackBox, choosing whole disk images or sets of files they wish to copy from the custodian's PC
    • Legal team sends the BlackBox drive to the custodian
    • Custodian triggers BlackBox by pressing the "Start" button
    • Custodian fills out chain of custody form generated by BlackBox and sends BlackBox drive back to legal team
  • How do I purchase BlackBox? BlackBox Forensics products are available exclusively through our network of professional partners. Find a Partner near you.
  • What operating systems does BlackBox work on? See the technical specifications for all your tech answers.
  • I run an eDiscovery firm. How do I become a Partner of BlackBox? If you believe BlackBox can help your firm, Sign up to become a BlackBox partner. If you meet our requirements for partnership, we'll get you activated.