BlackBox Forensics

BlackBox History

BlackBox was founded in 2010 to assist legal counsel with the remote collection of data in a manner that is defensible and affordable.

By shifting the collection process to the custodian (while maintaining chain of custody and other controls), BlackBox eliminates the need for traditional data collections by a technician. This expedites the e-discovery process while reducing costs.

BlackBox has been successfully utilized over the past four years by law firms, law enforcement professionals and e-discovery firms to retrieve data.

Usage rights to BlackBox Forensics are available exclusively through our partner network of resellers.

Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, BlackBox was founded by computer expert Dr. Andy Cobb, who authors a blog called Enlightened eDiscovery, focusing on issues related to electronic discovery. In addition to leading the BlackBox team, Dr. Cobb is available to provide expert testimony relating to the secure collection, analysis and maintenance of digital data utilizing BlackBox products.