What Is BlackBox?

BlackBox is a remote forensic data collection tool that addresses one of the latest trends in eDiscovery. Traditional data collections performed by certified technicians can be expensive and time consuming. In addition, precious time is lost arranging for travel and getting to the location to complete the collection. BlackBox eliminates the wasted time and travel while maintaining defensible and secure forensic collection standards by providing a customizable, secure solution that can be quickly deployed.

BlackBox is customizable to fit the specific needs of a typical eDiscovery case. Capture the whole disk or selected ESI (electronically stored information ) file types based on a date range or relevant groupings such as business documents, e-mails, pictures or video. BlackBox also allows you to to exclude certain file types that aren’t important to the collection, like system files.

BlackBox collections are triggered by the data custodian clicking start. Once BlackBox is “programmed” with the collection parameters, the data custodian cannot change the configuration. After the custodian hits “Start” the data collected is automatically encrypted, and an audit log is generated that contains the step-by-step actions performed by BlackBox during the collection.

BlackBox makes rapid deployment to anywhere in the world possible. Since BlackBox is licensed online, all that is required is an internet connection. BlackBox Partners can choose to license and configure a hard drive they have on hand or they can license and configure a hard drive remotely through the website.

Blackbox is sold exclusively through a network of professional authorized Partners. Digital forensics and/or litigation support firms can sign up to become BlackBox Partners.