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Why Become a Partner?

As an e-discovery vendor, your revenue stream is generated primarily in the collection, processing and analysis of data.

Data collection comes before everything else, and should be done in a manner that is defensible and verifiable, with a well-documented chain of custody. But collections may not be as profitable for you once you factor in technician travel expenses. And the cost of a technician completing a traditional forensic collection may be too much for some customers.

That’s where Thinking Inside the Box pays off. You can cut acquisition costs but get the same results – all while keeping technicians in-house producing.

BlackBox Forensics enables your firm to:
  • Maintain control over the project
  • Complete collections simultaneously at different locations
  • Expedite last-minute requests
  • Better utilize existing resources to handle more projects
  • Lower data collection costs for customers and win competitive bids

Interested, but skeptical?

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