BlackBox Forensics


We had a large, multi-national intellectual property matter that required data collections from all over the world. BlackBox was the perfect tool for this situation. By allowing each data custodian to run the copy on-site, we saved a bundle in the expense and travel costs of sending technicians across the globe. The end result was that we got exactly the data we needed with no custodian interference.

M.C., General Counsel, Global Chemical Company

In a recent litigation matter, we had an off-site custodian whose data we needed for discovery. BlackBox was the perfect solution. We got the best of both worlds: defensibility, since we controlled the collection, and cost savings, since the custodian triggered the collection at their location, allowing us to save on the time and travel cost of a forensic technician.

Christie Moore, Partner, Bingham Greenbaum Doll, LLP

BlackBox provided a trouble-free process for me to get forensic images out of a third world country from the comfort of my office. I would not have been able to get these images without BlackBox.

Jerry Hatchett, Certified Computer Examiner